The Network Hub

October 2014

WAN technologies and services

  • Thoughts on achieving good MPLS costs

    Robert Sturt - Netify 06 Oct 2014
  • If your idea of obtaining good MPLS costs is to throw a spreadsheet of sites together and hope for the best, you might be disappointed. In this article I share some of my experience where projects ...

  • BT IP Clear Playbook for UK IT Management

    Robert Sturt - Netify 06 Oct 2014
  • US readers will no doubt tune out but wait. Although BT IP Clear is a UK based service, the technology refers (as a rule, there are exceptions) to unmanaged connectivity from BT. The US market is ...

  • One of the best Global MPLS providers?

    Robert Sturt - Netify 05 Oct 2014
  • It’s not really that hard to come up with a list of global MPLS providers from the usual suspects. There are a few lesser known providers worth considering. Note: Oddly enough, I live in rurally in ...