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  • Microsoft offers free certification exam retake

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 21 Nov 2008
  • Can't afford to get certified? Well, these days, with an even more competitive job market, you can't afford not to be. The good news is that Microsoft is giving you two incentives to certify for ...

  • IT economic outlook: Not so good

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 07 Nov 2008
  • One way to make financial projections into your company's IT future is by taking a look around at other IT corporate giants, like Google and Cisco, to see how they are faring. If the company at the ...

  • Scariest computers in movie history

    Shamus McGillicuddy - Enterprise Management Associates 31 Oct 2008
  •  This week, my friends and I decided to assemble our own lists of our all time favorite scary movies in honor of Halloween. I came up with a list of the top 30 movies that scared me the most in my ...

  • A good network engineer is hard to find

    Shamus McGillicuddy - Enterprise Management Associates 07 Oct 2008
  • If you are a network engineer or network architect, you're a wanted man or woman. At least for now. Gartner has published some selected findings from its annual IT market compensation study. In ...

  • Overheard @ Interop NYC 2008: When high fashion and high tech collide

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 30 Sep 2008
  • Vendor A: "Busy enough for you?" Vendor B: "Packed in here." --Two empty vendor booths There's nothing quite like Vegas, I was told, right before tromping off to Interop New York, and boy were they ...

  • IPMan fights Jitter in latest tech-themed webcomic

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 17 Sep 2008
  • This week at ITExpo West 2008, SIP trunking providor Broadvox debuted their addition to the world of IT-themed webcomics: Adventures of IPMan. According to Broadvox's press release, "IP Man and ...

  • The chronicles of an awful manager

    Shamus McGillicuddy - Enterprise Management Associates 14 Aug 2008
  • A new blog popped up this month that any IT pro who has ever hated his manager can relate to. "Where is Bob? Tales of an absentee manager" appears to be a clever blend of fact and fiction. I guess ...

  • Recommendation: Rands in Repose

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 04 Aug 2008
  • Last Friday, I held a conference call with a small group of network engineers to discuss some of their job challenges and interests. One topic that came up was the challenge of managing people in a ...

  • Good times at Cisco Live! (Networkers)

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 09 Jul 2008
  • I promised to write more about Networkers, and here it is already almost two weeks later, and I haven't followed through. For the moment, instead, I'll share my personal videos from Orlando: One of ...

  • Cisco certifications aren't what they used to be

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 02 Jul 2008
  • We knew the economy was bad, but did Cisco really have to drop their impressive medallions for plastic plaques? Arden Packeer, CCIE 20716, blogged the run up to his CCIE: Routing & Switching ...

  • The NBA Finals and Lenovo

    Shamus McGillicuddy - Enterprise Management Associates 09 Jun 2008
  • Last week I took a "tech tour" of Boston's TD BankNorth Garden, home of the Boston Celtics. The tour, which took place hours before Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals, demonstrated how the NBA uses ...

  • Gen X to Gen Y: Grow up!

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 05 Jun 2008
  • From my perspective, there aren't many differences between Generation X and Generation Y -- except that people born in the 80s aren't as likely to remember Spider Man and his Amazing Friends. (If ...

  • Geek Squad vs. Sex and the City

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 29 May 2008
  • Sure, Carrie Bradshaw was mystified when her Mac died, but that's no reason to hate on Sex and the City. As much as pop culture may have you believe that the worlds of beauty and brains lie as far ...

  • Is there a gap between those who are tech savvy and those who are not?

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 29 May 2008
  • When I finished up my taxes online some months ago I laughed a little when I saw a button that said "If you do not have an email address, click here to get your tax receipt mailed to you." I found ...

  • Be a MacGyver -- not a MacGruber

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 09 May 2008
  • Network pros must feel like they carry the world on their backs. One of my big takeaways from Interop was that with the tide of new applications being delivered across the network, network pros ...