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  • Network security concerns: Mo' remote workers mo' problems

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 14 Feb 2008
  • When the network was built like a castle, located in one static location, it was easier to have perimeter defense--the castle walls, the moat and hill (i.e., the firewalls)--protecting the ...

  • IT Ethics

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 13 Feb 2008
  • Over on Slashdot there’s a lively discussion of IT ethics, and what sort of codes (no pun intended) network managers work by. Three camps of “ethical rules” came up: Rules workers bring with them ...

  • iPhone, oh the madness you have wrought

    Shamus McGillicuddy - Enterprise Management Associates 12 Feb 2008
  • I just finished writing about how the iPhone's success has made touch-screen smartphones all the rage in 2008. And then this morning I read that Jim Balsille, co-CEO of Research In Motion, told ...

  • IPv6 makes inroads on the Internet

    Susan Fogarty - Editorial Director 07 Feb 2008
  • This week, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced that it made almost half of the Internet's root server networks IPv6 capable. According to the release: IPv6 ...

  • Who is the "new" networking pro?

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 01 Feb 2008
  • For more than a year, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the concept of the "new" networking pro from networking vendors and pundits alike. The idea is, in a nutshell, that the old-school ...