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  • Cisco certifications aren't what they used to be

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 02 Jul 2008
  • We knew the economy was bad, but did Cisco really have to drop their impressive medallions for plastic plaques? Arden Packeer, CCIE 20716, blogged the run up to his CCIE: Routing & Switching ...

  • What's up with WhatsUpGold

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 01 Jul 2008
  • I just happened to be sitting next to an Ipswitch representative on my flight from Boston to Orlando last week for Cisco Networkers, so I decided to stop by their booth and take a look at their ...

  • SolarWinds Hulks out about nonessential traffic

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 30 Jun 2008
  • I can't resist a networking/comic book analogy, so I taped this booth demo from SolarWinds at Cisco Networkers. "Head Geek" Josh Stephens talks about how nonessential traffic -- such as the Hulk ...

  • Deep diving into deep packet inspection

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 09 Jun 2008
  • Speaking of deep packeteering, is a new non-profit with the goal to "foster and support community interest and progress in deep packet inspection (DPI)." OK, so the Gates Foundation ...

  • Big Burns is Watching

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 09 Jun 2008
  • My friend over at InsideHigherEd stumbled upon a novel approach to discouraging illegal P2P while allowing legitimate research usage: In order to download (or upload) files on any peer-to-peer ...

  • Gen X to Gen Y: Grow up!

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 05 Jun 2008
  • From my perspective, there aren't many differences between Generation X and Generation Y -- except that people born in the 80s aren't as likely to remember Spider Man and his Amazing Friends. (If ...

  • Geek Squad vs. Sex and the City

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 29 May 2008
  • Sure, Carrie Bradshaw was mystified when her Mac died, but that's no reason to hate on Sex and the City. As much as pop culture may have you believe that the worlds of beauty and brains lie as far ...

  • Is there a gap between those who are tech savvy and those who are not?

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 29 May 2008
  • When I finished up my taxes online some months ago I laughed a little when I saw a button that said "If you do not have an email address, click here to get your tax receipt mailed to you." I found ...