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  • IT Ethics

    Michael Morisy - TechTarget 13 Feb 2008
  • Over on Slashdot there’s a lively discussion of IT ethics, and what sort of codes (no pun intended) network managers work by. Three camps of “ethical rules” came up: Rules workers bring with them ...

  • Who is the "new" networking pro?

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 01 Feb 2008
  • For more than a year, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the concept of the "new" networking pro from networking vendors and pundits alike. The idea is, in a nutshell, that the old-school ...

  • Server sabotage plot backfires on sys admin

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 17 Jan 2008
  • Bridget Botelho has an interesting post on the ServerSpecs blog about a recent story from Reuters covering a sys admin sentenced to 30 months in prison after his plot to wipe out his ...

  • The IT Guy: Amazing Grace

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 14 Jan 2008
  • When we left Dave, he had discovered an interesting room full of forgotten computers... > View all our IT Guy cartoons on Read more about Grace Hopper Read a definition of ...

  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity: Plug it in, plug it in

    Tessa Parmenter - Contributor 04 Jan 2008
  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity is often about fixing the physical issues first. Although we like to think that "going wireless" means there are no wires involved, anyone in networking knows ...

  • Cisco targeting digital signage, advertising

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 16 Nov 2007
  • The first time I talked to Cisco about the networking vendor’s foray into digital signage, I was a bit confused. Why would the largest enterprise networking vendor want to jump into an area ...

  • What's the opposite of networking?

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 23 Oct 2007
  • Last night I was watching Attack of the Show again and they mentioned a site called BuzzFeed, which picks up the latest and greatest Web trends and conversations and compiles them all with an ...

  • Bizarro VoIP: Is it evil? Do you care?

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 12 Oct 2007
  • Recently, Tom Keating at TMC wrote in his blog about Digium acquiring Switchvox, a proprietary Asterisk-based VoIP solution. Keating had interviewed Asterisk inventor and Digium CTO, Mark Spencer, ...

  • Is NAC stuck in the mud?

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 12 Oct 2007
  • Around this time last year, network access control (NAC) was the be-all, end-all for network security. Performing pre- and post-admission checks on devices before allowing them access to the ...

  • The "other" kind of networking

    Ron Richard - Ron Richard Consulting 04 Oct 2007
  • For about as long as routers, switches and cables have been connecting critical functions of the business network, people have been using that same technology to connect socially -- whether for ...