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iPhone corporate plan makes accountants smile

AT&T has added the iPhone as a device option for its enterprise wireless plans. On the surface of things, this is big news for iPhone fans who are waiting for the enterprise to welcome the device.

I haven’t seen an official announcement from AT&T about their iPhone enterprise offerings. So far, only the above link with feature and pricing options has turned up. But from what I can gather, this is more of a sales channel move than a product offering. This news won’t make IT managers feel warm and fuzzy towards the iPhone. Only accountants will be smiling.

No, this news doesn’t mean the iPhone is suddenly an enterprise-ready mobile device. All the concerns that Forrester Research voiced last month about its suitability for business use still apply. There is still no support for push email or third-party applications. Security is still a big problem, too, with no support for data encryption and no capability to remotely lock or erase lost devices. And the absence of a removable battery will still be a headache for road warriors.

This news is really about the accountants. It will now be easier for end users to request a device because your company’s accountants now have a direct channel for buying the iPhones and paying for the plans centrally instead of compensating individual users for deals they make on their own with AT&T.

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