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Wireless security major networking concern for 2008

A few weeks ago, I asked our readers to tell me the number one networking issue you’d like to learn more about in the new year. It was no surprise that “security” appeared again and again in the comments, but I thought it was interesting how many people wanted to learn more about wireless network security. That really shouldn’t be a surprise, given that the increased demand for mobility and flexibility is driving up the number of wireless deployments, and subsequently, the need for wireless security.

Rest assured that SearchNetworking has planned lots of wireless security coverage for 2008. But in the meantime, (if you don’t mind a little plug) I’ll point out a couple resources that are available to you now:

  • The Advanced Network Workshop, “Integrating Networking and Security — Wireless Security” features a podcast, webcast and tip by wireless networking expert Lisa Phifer.

There were a few other themes that stood out amongst the comments. For starters, it sounds like the majority of readers are using Cisco products and want to learn more about those, or about networking heterogeneous environments in which Cisco hardware sits side-by-side with other vendors’ products. Keeping with the network security theme, some readers wanted to learn more about Cisco security and security automation.

A couple of people mentioned that they would like to learn more about implementing VoIP for SMBs. I would point you toward this brand new guide on to learn more about VoIP in SMBs: VoIP’s midmarket play.

Some of the themes we’d pegged for 2008 coverage already came up, including IPv6, virtualization, and MPLS. Watch this space (and for more tips and advice on those topics in the coming months.

And now for the winners of our feedback contest:

Thanks to everyone for your comments!

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