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Verizon Wireless wins prime C-block spectrum

In networking news on a larger level, Verizon Wireless has officially won the coveted C block in the FCC’s closely watched wireless auction. From a statement Verizon issued:

“We are very pleased with our auction results. Specifically, we were
successful in achieving the spectrum depth we need to continue to grow our
business and data revenues, to preserve our reputation as the nation’s most
reliable wireless network, and to continue to lead in data services and
help us satisfy the next wave of services and consumer electronics devices.

“The bids we won include a nationwide spectrum footprint covering 298M
Pops, plus 102 licenses for individual markets covering 171M Pops.

“In compliance with the FCC’s anti-collusion quiet period rules,
Verizon Wireless cannot comment further until that period ends.”

Google reportedly won no auctions. The spectrum will be freed up February 17, 2009. I can’t find the FCC’s official statement on their website right now, but look for continuing coverage on Big day for Verizon Wireless, as they also announced more information about their “any application, any device” plans.

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