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UPDATE: Amazon says Kindle 'does not violate net neutrality'

Amazon got back to my questions about whether or not Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader violates net neutrality. Their answer: No. Heather Huntoon, a PR manager for Amazon e-mailed me:

Hi Michael,

No, Kindle service does not violate net neutrality because the network operator does not preclude or degrade other traffic on its physical network. It’s more like a corporate VPN running on the Internet: special devices (company-approved PCs) are needed to use it, and the content transmitted is proprietary, yet other VPNs could operate over the same physical network.



Interesting take. I’m not sure if that meshes with how proposed legislation sees it, but I think that is part of the problem: The proposed FCC mandate is too unclear as to what falls under its domain. And as Ike Elliott points out, the bill covers neutral access over “broadband telecommunications networks, including the Internet.” Whether Whispernet counts as a VPN or Internet access, it is definitely a broadband connection and so could presumably fall under these guidelines.

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