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Staring at the the hourglass

Do you ever think about the time an end user spends staring at his or her computer while waiting for the network to process a request? It can be frustrating to watch that animated hourglass cursor every time you open up an application.

It might take just 15 or 20 seconds for a user too execute something in a networked application, but over the course of time all these little delays can really add up.

IT services company Dimension Data recently surveyed 957 knowledge workers and 267 IT decision makers around the world about network performance frustration. The firm found that the average user spend about two hours per month waiting for network-induced delays.

Those delays include

  • 35 minutes per month waiting for network logins.
  • 25 minutes per month waiting to access email.
  • 23 minutes per moth waiting for file transfers.

Think about this. Two hours per month adds up to one full day a year. Multiply that by 1,000 employees and your company could be losing tens of thousands of dollars per year in productivity.

Not only that, but users will be less likely to use certain applications that regularly experience network delays.. Then a company finds itself having invested thousands in a new application that no one wants to use.

And you think it’s hard to calculate ROI for investments in your network?

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