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Solarwinds offers up free network configuration tool

For those of you who don’t have a full-fledged network configuration and change management (NCCM) system, Solarwinds released a free tool this week that could make your lives a little easier. It’s called Network Config Generator.

Here’s a video where a couple of guys from Solarwinds showing how the product works.

Basically, this tool works like a configuration wizard. You enter the parameters you want for the configuration of a class of switches, routers, etc. The tool takes this information and outputs a configuration template in   Command Line Interface (CLI) code, which you can then cut and paste into the CLI consoles on any of your network devices.

It doesn’t scale that well. If you want to configure 100 switches, you have to cut and paste the CLI it into each one. But if you have some sort of network configuration management tool, you can probably drop these templates into that. Solarwinds, of course, is suggesting you use its Orion Network Configuration Management tool to apply these templates across your network.

Also, if you go to Solarwinds’ online community for customers,, you’ll find that Solarwinds customers are sharing their own configuration templates generated by Network Config Generator. You’re free to grab them and tweak them as you like with this free tool.

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