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New modular campus edge switches feature app-smart ASICs

I’m cleaning out my reporter’s notebook, including a briefing I recently had with Enterasys Networks.

Enterasys has launched a new family of modular campus edge switches with its home-grown, application-smart ASIC, the CoreFlow2.  These K Series switches complement the company’s stackable switch products, which are built with merchant silicon rather than custom ASICs.

Enterasys’s CoreFlow2 ASICs are able to identify the types of applications individual users are running on the network. The chip can then apply QoS, security and other network settings to the application traffic based on policies set by the networking team.

“In a stackable switch product I can apply policy on each user that happens to be connected to my switch,” said Karl Pieper, product manager for Enterasys. “With CoreFlow2, I can apply a separate policy to every session that a user is doing. I can apply policy to an email session, to web browsing, to anything they are doing.”

Before rolling out the K Series, Enterasys’s CoreFlow2 ASIC only shipped with its S Series of data center-class modular switches. With the K Series, Enterasys is trying to offer customers a cheaper modular switch with its customer application intelligence.

Enterasys is initially offering two models of K Series, the K10 (a 10-slot chassis supporting up to 216 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 8 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks) and the K6 (6 slots, 144 Gigabit Ethernet ports and four 10 Gigabit uplinks). The K Series list at $26,685 and will start shipping in June.

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