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New HP networking certification: You need to know more than just networking

The days of being just a networking pro are officially over … or that’s what networking vendors would like you to believe.

Maybe that won’t be the case if your company never virtualizes its servers or applies dynamic provisioning or moves toward converged storage and data center networks.

So probably a fairer way to state it is: you can probably be just a networking pro for a little while longer. But then you’ll very likely be forced to provide networking that enables and even optimizes server virtualization performance, and you’ll be asked to figure out how your data center LAN and SAN can be managed as one.

Banking on that being the case (and hoping to sell their new technology strategies), HP rolled out an integrated infrastructure certification this month to rival Cisco’s Unified Computing and data center infrastructure specialist certs.

The HP ExpertONE converged infrastructure certification program includes network-specific certifications that teach skills in so-called next generation data center networks (read converged), as well as how to migrate from proprietary network technology (read Cisco-based networks) to multi-vendor “open network infrastructures.” The program also includes a systems component that teaches systems engineers how to apply IT to business processes, and includes Return-on-Investment (ROI) analysis in a converged infrastructure. It’s no coincidence that HP rolled the cert out during Interop New York, which has shifted its focus almost entirely to next generation networks that support virtualization and the cloud.

HP claims to be the first provider of integrated technology certification, but Cisco has long had its Unified Computing certifications that reach across servers, networks and storage. It also has a data center network infrastructure design certification that focuses on converged networks. These certs don’t, however, stretch across multi-vendor environments.

Vendors notoriously roll out certifications for technologies they want to sell – and all of these programs can be seen from that perspective. Still, with virtualization in some form experiencing uptake among 90% of most companies, and many of these same companies considering at least some form of private cloud implementation, it’s fair to say that networking professionals need to consider broadening their horizons.

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