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Network admin paychecks: How's yours looking?

Computer Economics has published its new IT salary report, which claims the average IT worker will see just a 1.8% raise in 2010. That’s pretty rough.  But in an age where many people are seeing their salaries stay flat for the second year in a row, perhaps 1.8% can be seen as a silver lining.

According to Computer Economics, the higher up in the IT chain of command you are, the smaller your percentage pay increase will be. CIOs and directors are getting just 1.3% more money this year on average. The lower you are in the organization, the better your percentage increase might me.  Computer Economics says this is part of an effort to retain talent in the trenches.

What’s the best job to have if you’re looking for a decent raise this year? Developers. They’re going to get about 2.1% more money this year, which is the highest average pay increase in the industry.

Networking pros are sort of at the median. Network and systems support personnel are going to see a 1.9% increase this year. This includes network admins and telecom analysts. How does your salary measure up? Are you getting a raise this year?

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