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Mobile devices: MIA

We talk a lot about the importance of mobile device management, but outside my job as an editor on a networking site, it’s not something I think about that often. Until, three days ago, I misplaced my cell phone.

runaway mobile device

It took me one day to figure out that the phone wasn’t actually plugged into the charger at home or hiding under the seat in my car. On the second day, I became annoyed that I didn’t have my contacts and started to worry that the phone fell out somewhere on the pavement. By the third day, I was becoming somewhat frantic, imagining someone was calling all their relatives in another country and I’d be stuck with the charges, or prank-calling my friends and business associates. Although, I have to admit, the prospect of buying a new phone was actually a bit exciting.

This is my personal and somewhat decrepit flip phone; the “wireless” line on my business card is a bit misleading and my paranoia over losing is a bit exaggerated. But had I actually lost a corporate mobile device, I can only begin to imagine the very real threats such a loss could imply: The cost of device replacement, the lost productivity due to a misplaced contact list, and the possibility that a malicious outsider or competitor could have access to sensitive data.

I just listened to a podcast on this very topic, called “Controlling Risks and Costs for Better Security.” The podcast covered eight mobile security risks that can be countered using effective mobile device management. The author, Simon Forge (of Ptak, Noel and Associates) goes beyond just the challenge of managing corporate mobile devices and explains some ways to do it; he also hints at management systems that take the responsibility away from the employee/end user and return it to the network manager.

I know that if I was a network manager, I would want to have a plan to cope with an errant mobile device. And as an end user, if I had anything more powerful than a basic cell phone, I wouldn’t mind someone else shouldering the burden of responsibility for mobile data security.

On the bright side, I shoved aside a stack of papers today and found my phone right on top of my desk. Too bad they don’t make a management system for that!

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