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Looking at the future of networking, Reddit style

What does the coming decade hold in store for networking’s future?

That’s the question recently posed by a contributor on Reddit’s r/networking enterprise networking forum.

The answers: Advances in IP networking, mesh networking and SDN were among the most common predictions.

User dm18 mentioned shifts in networking that would favor software and IoT. Some of the possible changes proposed might include self-organizing networks without the need for manual configuration, cloud-based systems to automate threat response, patch management and backup. The same user projected widespread interconnection, with outdoor access points powered by built-in batteries and solar panels and interconnections between access control, cameras, climate control, lights, firearms, facial recognition and appliances.

Device density might necessitate more organized networks and eliminate large segments of home networking as telcos and large IT companies like Google step in to provide free, city-wide wireless. Managing huge quantities of data—perhaps transmitted wirelessly—might mean a new emphasis on data compression.

Some users offered up networking humor in response to the question about the future of computer networking. “In 15 years, all network gear (switches, routers, etc.) will have built in Jet Packs so that they won’t need a rack, they will just hover on jets in the designated space,” one user commented. However, others struck a more serious note, suggesting widespread mesh networking and SDN fully fulfilling its promises by 2031.

Networks will automate

“Large-budget networks will automate; small-budget networks won’t,” said user jiannone, looking to networking’s future. “Small-budget networks [will] get by on branded whiteboxes [sic] with licensing and support fees attached to low cost, high-enough throughput boxes that are more ASIC than general CPU architectures,” the user added, suggesting that today’s entertainment infrastructure may shift to IP.

User patchate brought up PCI express switching in the discussion of the future of computer networking, “It doesn’t offer any compatibility with current Ethernet-based technologies, but the underlying technology seems sound to me, at least for short-range interconnects.” The user added, enthusiastically, “If ToR switches could be replaced by PCI express lanes with CPUs having DMA access to any device installed within a rack, that would be so very incredibly awesome.”