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IT pros know app performance affects business performance, but what are they doing about it?

Riverbed Technology conducted a short survey of Interop attendees at its booth during the Las Vegas conference in April, but the findings didn’t stay in Vegas. The survey of IT professionals revealed that IT knows that poor performance by mission-critical applications can hurt their businesses, but too few of them are doing anything about it, according to Riverbed.

Riverbed asked 210 Interop attendees about their awareness of the technologies that exist to mitigate app performance problems, and if their company was taking proactive steps to avoid application issues, said Steve Riley, Technical Director for the CTO’s office at Riverbed.The top three causes of performance problems, according to Riverbed’s survey, are insufficient bandwidth, too much latency, and slow servers. But a gap remains between those who are aware of the problem, and those who are actually implementing solutions, Riley said. In fact, the results found that 80% of respondents know that slow business-critical applications can have a moderate to extreme impact on overall business performance, but only 50% of then were actually doing something to solve application performance issues.

While budget constraints are undeniable, Riverbed believes that overall willingness to adopt application delivery and performance management technology that can help is “missing to a certain degree,” he said.

“Seventy percent of respondents said, ‘let’s throw more bandwidth at the problem and see if it goes away, but only 50% of businesses actually have bought more bandwidth,” he said. And 67% of respondents believe that WAN optimization solutions are a good way to combat application performance issues, but only 42% of businesses were using WAN optimization tools. Finally, 52% of respondents believe that they can solve some performance problems by geographically distributing application workloads, but just 28% of businesses have followed through with that method.

So what can businesses with budget constraints do to mitigate application performance problems? First, Riverbed suggests that businesses evaluate their mission-critical apps before buying a bunch of bandwidth. Some applications won’t simply begin performing better with more bandwidth because latency and jitter could still be an issue, Riley said.

“Don’t just guess at what your performance problems are,” he said. “We really suggest that people analyze and diagnose their application problems first.”

Businesses should also think about geographic distribution, Riley said. “Keep in mind that it does take time for applications located in one place to move to another place. With major cloud providers scattered all over the world, multiple instances of workloads is becoming an easier thing for people to do, so [users] can access that data anywhere.”

Last, but certainly not least in the opinion of a vendor focused on IT performance, businesses should also put WAN optimization tools where they make sense. “The whole purpose of that technology is mitigating latency, and allowing end users to access applications as if they are local, even if they are on the other side of the world,” Riley said.


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