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How to kill a network zombie

Network security meets George Romero zombie movies: a combination I can’t resist. So I had to share this computer zombie post from Peggy Rouse, over in the “Overheard in the tech blogosphere” blog:computer zombie

“Before a zombie hunter can kill some zombies he has to find them. In themovies the hero can listen for low sorrowful moans or slow shuffling feet to track them down, or just look for the carnage of half eaten people. On your network you can look for similar signs of the undead so you can blast them to oblivion.”

— Adrian Duane Crenshaw, LAN of the Dead: Putting computer zombies back in their grave, Ash style

Unlike a lot of bloggers who write about zombie armies, Adrian doesn’t just scare you — he actually tells you how to hunt down zombies on your network and and kill them.  Recommended reading.

If you encounter any actual zombies, on the other hand, remember to aim for the head.

Happy Halloween!

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