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How network engineers can avoid the data center move blues

Just because we’re surrounded by bad news doesn’t mean we can’t turn our lemons into lemonade. That’s at least what network management software solution company Advanced Systems Group (ASG) has done (not to be confused with the ASG band). They found a way to help enterprise IT/network administrator’s avoid datacenter move blunders in a way more compelling than a white paper — they sang about it in their YouTube video: The Data Center Move Blues.

Because we all know, when a data center moves, the network can’t go down. “Oh you know it can’t go down,” wails ASG founder and band front man John Murphy on what appears to be a Martin Backpacker Guitar.

When relocation, deduplication and virtualization complicate the network enough to make IT engineers sing the blues, it’s good to know what not to do during the data center move process.

ASG suggests avoiding these bad boys:

  • Bad move #1: The so-called professional help
  • Bad move #2: The every-man-for-himself move
  • Bad move #3: The do-it-yourself move

More importantly, don’t forget to plan a great deal with your data center team and reach across to the right people. Before making a move, you can’t afford not to plan for every risk, and disaster preparedness will help you stay up while everything else is down.

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