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HP's old ProCurve lifetime warranties extend to just a few 3Com/H3C gear

HP Networking recently posted this handy little warranty chart (PDF) to help customers understand the warranties on all its products, both the old ProCurve-branded gear and the recently acquired H3C and TippingPoint products that came over in the 3Com acquisition.

Historically, the major appeal of the HP ProCurve line was its low total cost of ownership. The lifetime warranty that HP applied to most of the ProCurve products was very straightforward. You buy it, we guarantee the thing will work for as long as you own it and will provide technical support forever. No need for expensive support contracts. I’ve heard from more than one network manager who said they switched from Cisco to HP ProCurve because the lower TCO was too tempting to pass up.

When HP bought 3Com and its young but promising sub-brand of H3C, it was hard to imagine that all of the high end 3Com products would find their way under the umbrella of HP’s lifetime warranty approach. And judging from this chart, that’s exactly the case.

You’ll find that the fixed-configuration H3C switches have been moved into the lifetime warranty program, including the A5810, A5800, A5500, A3600 and A3100 switches (Back in their H3C days, these switches started with the letter “S” rather than “A”).

The modular H3C switches are a different story. The big A12500 and A9500 chassis switches and the smaller A7500 and A5820 modular switches all have one-year warranties, with lifetime software and OS maintenance coverage and one year of free technical support.

The 3Com fixed-configuration switches, such as the E5500, E4800G, E4500G and E4200G are all covered under the lifetime warranty.

It looks like most of the TippingPoint network security products (IPS appliances, gateways and firewalls) will have one-year warranties.

Some folks worried that the old ProCurve lifetime warranty would disappear with the 3Com acquisition. It appears to remain in effect for the most part. It’s just not as broad as it used to be.

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