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Get inside Cisco's head

Want to pick long-time Cisco CEO John Chamber’s brain? Want to track Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior’s daily insights? Now you can, thanks to Harvard Business Review and the magic of Twitter.

HBR recently posted a lengthy interview with John Chambers which covered everything from his management style to strategies for weathering the economic storm. It’s light on the technical details but does give a fair amount of insight on where he believes the future is headed, and how networking will take it there:

In terms of what’s happening right now, I think the biggest market transition is the shift to a more collaborative world, which is only made possible by what we call an “intelligent, network-centric” world. This network-centric world encompasses the whole range of communication experiences and seamlessly delivers information. Consumers will access voice, the web, e-mail, and video by any of the 14 billion devices that we think will be connected to the internet by 2010, all loaded onto the network. In the very near future, for example, you won’t need to hang up your cell phone if you want to switch to a landline; you’ll stay connected as you change devices, as long as they’re all connected to a network.

It’s pretty high-level stuff and mentions some of the customer-centric strategies Chambers said have kept the company competitive throughout the years.

For a more intimate look at a Cisco executive, check out Warrior’s Twitter feed, where occasionally readers are greeted with the mundane — “Halloween party in 15min. Costume-ugh, not done. Skip or go as is?” — but more often can get clued into regular reading gems on a variety of technical and leadership topics, handy for any ambitious IT professional.

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