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Geek dating in the Windy City: Nerds of a Feather

If Sean Hannity can run a dating site just for his fans, surely there’s enough interest out there for a geek-friendly “” (Please note, the only reason I would ever visit Hannidate would be to screen for people NOT to date. Fortunately the Hanni-pickings in Massachusetts are pretty slim).

Geek-friendly scifi blog has given some link love to a Chicago Sun-Times article about “Nerds at Heart,” a series of Windy City geek gatherings where men and women herd together and look for potential mates. io9 highlighted a couple choice paragraphs about these gatherings that I just have to include here.

The game of Risk may not sound romantic to everybody. “I was playing; he was knocking my cavalry over into the ocean,” remembers Flaherty. But it led to a first date at a book fair. And, eventually, love.

In April, their wedding-cake topper will depict them holding Wii controllers.

Now, I’m not aware of any geek dating websites out there, but surely there’s a market for one. I’d love to find a woman who appreciates my passion for the Star Wars universe and George RR Martin books… someone who would help me sell off some of my 6,000 comic books on Craigslist for some extra money.

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