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Fujitsu: 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching without the sideshow

Without the pomp and circumstance of say a Cisco or a Juniper, Fujitsu launched a 26 port, super low-latency addition to its line of 10 GigE switches. Fujitsu’s selling point?


“We pass packets fast and we pass them reliably,” said Jim Preasmyer, director of sales and business development, Advanced Technology Group, Fujitsu Frontech North America.


“Our customers say that they plug the switches in and they just work.”


Imagine that.


Fujitsu has actually been in the Ethernet switch market since 2005, and this latest switch – the XG2600 – joins a family of Layer 2 Ethernet switches that include 12 and 24-port 10 GigE models, as well as 12 and 48-port 1 Gb/10GbE models.


“Our engineers developed a low latency ASIC and then built a switch box around it,” Preasmyer said.


Fujitsu is also selling on energy efficiency promising use of under 130 watts on the 2600 switches.


As for target markets, Fujitsu will aim for any large enterprise looking for the right switching architecture to support high performance computing and ISCSI or NAS. The company will target universities, content delivery companies, and others that depend on fluid applications flowing between storage, the data center and beyond.

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