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Dell'Oro will adjust reporting after WLAN market share squabble

Earlier this month I wrote a story about how Aruba and Meru were both claiming second place in the 802.11n enterprise wireless LAN market based on the same numbers from Dell’Oro Group. There were a variety of claims made by the vendors over the issue, but the central discrepancy appeared to be how OEM sales were counted towards market share. Aruba has a significant OEM channel through Alcatel-Lucent. Dell’Oro reports market share based on brand, so Aruba wasn’t getting credit for the sales Alcatel made.

Today Dell’Oro sent a letter to Aruba, which I peeked at today. In it, Tam Dell’Oro wrote that her firm will “add a section to our Enterprise WLAN Vendor Tables with our 2Q09 report which reflects the data by manufacturer. That is, those shipments that are produced by Aruba, regardless of which distribution channel it flows through, will be reflected as Aruba.”

Based on that, Aruba’s market share in 802.11n access points appears to be significantly higher than Meru. Aruba moved 15,000 802.11n APs in the first quarter of this year (both Aruba and Alcatel-Lucent branded products)  versus Meru’s 10,000.

It’s not clear to me at this time wheter Dell’Oro will start reporting OEM sales data in this way for other markets beyond wireless LAN.

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