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Cisco targeting digital signage, advertising

The first time I talked to Cisco about the networking vendor’s foray into digital signage, I was a bit confused. Why would the largest enterprise networking vendor want to jump into an area targeted at consumers, especially something as futuristic as digital signage, which boils down to essentially an electronic or digital advertising screen like you would see in Times Square, displaying video content that can be changed on the fly without physically changing the sign itself? It’s similar to something seen in Minority Report or Back to the Future II.

For example, digital images could be changed depending on the consumers who are in close proximity to the sign. So, if you’re attending a punk rock convention, digital signs in the area could feature a mohawked teen snarling at you to promote a certain product, event or service. Similarly, say that same convention center hosts a video game convention, those signs could quickly, easily and cheaply be switched up to feature Ms. Pac Man or Link staring you in the face. Those advertisements would be sent to the sign via IP video.

To me, it sounded like a deviation from Cisco’s core competence of routing and switching.

But recently I had a chat with Rick Sizemore, chief strategy officer for MultiMedia Intelligence for a story. Sizemore, an expert on digital signage and other next generation mediums, broke it down for me. He pointed to several strategic moves Cisco has made in the IP video arena that, coupled with Cisco’s networking expertise, makes the vendor a top competitor in the digital signage and interactive advertising spaces.

I’m not exactly sure how companies are going to leverage all of this next-generation technology, or how Cisco is going to build on its digital signage and IP video plans to make it a viable revenue-generating medium for those companies. But if Sizemore’s discoveries and predictions ring true, which they have so far, it won’t be long before we’re greeted in an airport or a shopping mall with advertising and signage that can target us specifically.

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