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BYOA, the new BYOD

Everyone has heard of bringing your own device to the workplace, or the BYOD trend. While many networking products have been ramped up over the past several year to accommodate more devices entering the enterprise network, the next-generation trend has entered the arena and attention must be paid.

Bring-your-own-application, or the “BYOA” trend is demanding a wireless LAN prepared to handle not just new devices, but the slew of new applications being brought into the workplace. Aruba Networks has recently announced a new wireless LAN platform with Aruba’s AppRF technology — a series of three mobility controllers, the 7210, 7220 and 7240 — aimed at addressing the onslaught of mobile applications and devices coming onto the enterprise network.

“Our customers were coming to us and saying, ‘we have a problem not being able to control the applications running on our employee’s mobile devices on our network — We don’t want to block them, we just want to know what the biggest bandwidth consumers of Wi-Fi are,’” said Ozer Dondurmacioglu, Aruba’s director of product and solutions during a briefing.

And while IT has been able to manage WAN bandwidth consumption, Wi-Fi bandwidth has been a different story.

“For Wi-Fi, everything changes as devices move around, and we wanted to help with capabilities to show [IT] what is going on in the air,” he said.

Enterprises will be able to eliminate desktop phones, IP PBX support, expensive video and audio equipment and dedicated videoconferencing systems thanks to the new platform, which can guarantee high quality and performance for popular voice, video and Unified Communications (UC) applications, like Microsoft Lync,  Dondurmacioglu said.

“The new normal is users love their mobile devices — they wouldn’t want to use anything else, even if IT begs them,” Dondurmacioglu said. “This year is going to be a battle between how to manage mobile apps over the air, and how to manage what is most important to an organization is protected given the limited Wi-Fi bandwidth.”

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