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An inside look at Juniper Networks

Fortune magazine published a Q&A with Juniper Networks CEO Kevin Johnson that offered a several bits of information that I found interesting. Here’s what Johnson, a former Microsoft executive, had to say.

  • Juniper’s share of the Ethernet switching market stands somewhere between 2% and 3%. Not a huge share, but very good for a company that entered the switching market in 2008.
  • Juniper invested more than 20% of revenue into research and development this past year.
  • Half of Juniper’s employees are engineers and 75% those engineers write software.
  • When asked to compare the corporate cultures of Juniper and Microsoft, Johnson said Microsoft was conflict-oriented, where people challenged each other’s work in order to foster innovation. At Juniper, eh said, the focus is much more on collaboration.

Much of this information is out there already, I suppose. But I thought it all came together to make a nice snapshot of what’s happening inside Juniper right now.

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