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3Com displaces Cisco at Quinnipiac University

3Com announced yesterday its first major customer win in North America since it launched its H3C brand globally last month. Quinnipiac University is deploying H3C switches from the core to the edge to serve its three-campus network and the school’s 8,000 students, faculty and staff. The deployment includes several H3C S9500 core switches and more than 100 H3C S5500G edge switches. The school will also use H3C’s new network management software Intelligent Management Center and 3Com’s TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System.

The H3C gear will replace the school’s incumbent Cisco network, according to 3Com.  In a press release from 3Com, Quinnipiac’s associate vice president for information services, Fred Tarca, said he wanted to keep costs down without compromising network performance, reliability and security.

This is a pretty good customer win for 3Com, which is making yet another attempt to break back into the enterprise market, this time via its H3C brand. H3C was a joint venture with Huawei, but 3Com bought out Huawei’s share in the company a couple years ago. H3C has a broad portfolio of enterprise networking products which has enjoyed great success in China. 3Com recently relaunched H3C as 3Com’s official global enterprise networking brand and is trying to keep head-to-head with Cisco and other market leaders.

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