• January 30, 2009 30 Jan'09

    The best of SearchTelecom.com 2008

    The results are in on the top 5 runaway hit topics for SearchTelecom.com loyalists in 2008 -- topics like BGP and MPLS, flexible service provisioning, optics and wireless broadband top the list.  Continue Reading

  • January 30, 2009 30 Jan'09

    Telecom vendors feel the pressure on SDP solutions

    The term "next gen" gets thrown around like it's no big deal; flip a switch and service providers all over the world will be running IP networks that are open to third-party partners, yet completely secure when it comes to network operations and ...  Continue Reading

  • January 30, 2009 30 Jan'09

    Next-gen network transformation planning

    Transformation has a business goal while convergence has a technical goal. But like rubbing your head while patting your stomach, service providers have to navigate their way through commitments to both at the same time.  Continue Reading