• April 10, 2006 10 Apr'06

    Combining 802.1X and VLANs for WLAN authorization

    Many WLAN owners know that 802.1X/EAP makes it possible to authenticate individual wireless users. But did you know that 802.1X can also be used to funnel wireless traffic onto VLANs, enforcing user or group-based permissions? This tip explains how ...  Continue Reading

  • April 10, 2006 10 Apr'06

    Choosing the right flavor of 802.1X

    Which of the nearly 50 defined EAP Types would work best in your WLAN? In this tip, we compare the most popular EAP Types used with 802.1X, authentication methods that can be supported by each, known vulnerabilities and suitable usage environments.  Continue Reading

  • April 10, 2006 10 Apr'06

    Controlling WLAN access on a tight budget

    WPA and WPA2-Enterprise provide robust WLAN access control, but deploying 802.1X can be overwhelming for companies with limited IT staff and budget. From outsource to open source to preshared keys, this tip describes several less complex or costly ...  Continue Reading