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Would a CCNA certification help solidify my resume?

I have been in the Telecommunications Industry for four years now. In that time I have worked with the Nortel DMS and Lucent 5ESS switches (software only). Would a CCNA certification help solidify my resume' and possibly give me more of chance to land another/and better job in the future. What do you think? What do you suggest? Thanks.
Dear Nathan:
A CCNA is a single-exam, entry-level certification. Given your current exposure and experience, you will find a lot of the content is at least familiar, if not well known to you. At best, a CCNA is a stepping-stone to a CCNP, CCDA, or Cisco Specialty certifications. By itself, a CCNA confers only small hope of landing a job on the strength of that certification alone. That said it's an excellent entree into the wide and still quite popular world of Cisco certification (and a pre-requisite for many, if not most, mid-level Cisco credentials). If you're interested in working with switches and routers, IP infrastructures, and so forth, it's a good start for your career upgrade. But by no means is it a ticket to a brighter future.
This was last published in July 2002

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