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With a degree and inexperience, what certifications would get me a job?

Ed Tittel advises what certifications would grant someone with a degree and no experience a networking job, in this expert response.

Dear Sir,
I have a degree, but I am not certified in anything. I know a lot about ASP.NET and SAP. I have been trying to find a job for the last three years but failed, so I have a gap of three years inexperience. Now I have decided to choose networking as a career and I want your advice on what I should take up (Linux with CCNA for example). I want to find certifications that would get me a job after completing.

Dear Mr. Singh:

The lack of experience is something you must find some way to remedy, even if it means working as a volunteer or for substandard pay. By itself, a CCNA really isn't enough to put you in a job: the CCNA is best regarded as a stepping stone to other, more senior Cisco certifications (some of which can indeed land you in a position). Whether you go the Cisco route or the Linux route is something best dictated by what interests you most because the work continues long after the novelty of a new position wears off.

I can't help but ask, however: given your knowledge of SAP and the extremely high demand for qualified SAP professionals, why not look into their certification programs? While they're expensive, they come as close to a post-completion guarantee of lucrative employment as anything else known to man (or to me, at least).

Good luck in your decision making processes. I hope you can find something that both interests you and ultimately leads to gainful employment.


This was last published in March 2007

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