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With IT changing so quickly, how do we know what to learn in this chaotic IT world?

In a fast progress of the IT techs, I don't think a costly certification or two will guarantee future success. Maybe the ability to learn fast is critical. But how can we know what to learn in this chaotic IT world?
The key is to find topics that have value to employers that are also of interest to you. By concentrating on topics that have extrinsic value to employers that are also intrinsically interested to you, you can chase down and obtain certifications that may help you in future job prospecting. I agree that no certification can guarantee future success, but that careful consideration of certification topics, types, and individual credentials can on balance be more helpful than harmful in advancing one's career.

If you have questions or concerns about specific topics, programs, or credentials, I'd be happy to reply in a more specific fashion. But since you asked a very general question, I felt I could only provide an equally general answer. I hope you find it helpful nonetheless.

This was last published in November 2003

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