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'Wireline' definition

What does it mean when someone says "wireline"? Expert David Juitt explains.

I was listening to the Networld+Interop 2002 presentation "Rethinking security for a dangerous world," and one...

of the panel members mentioned a term that I had not heard before. The term is "wireline." I tried looking in several places on the Internet and could not find an actual definition for this term. Any help would be appreciated.

"Wireline" in the context of that panel meant the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN); inside the industry wireline is also sometimes referred to as the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). It starts with dial-up and comprises the copper and fiber backbones that transport most of the data around the world. (Answered by Dave Juitt.)

This was last published in June 2002

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