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Wireless troubleshooting: AP not reestablishing association after loss of connectivity

Learn how to troubleshoot your wireless connectivity with our expert, Lisa Phifer. She explains why connectivity is reachable in a mobile cabin and why the AP can't reestablish association after loss of connectivity, in this expert response.

I have a very peculiar problem: I have one Cisco Access Point (AP) and a mobile cabin connecting to this AP. The mobile cabin has two devices: a wireless terminal device and another Cisco AP (configured in WorkGroup Bridge mode). When the cabin moves, the wireless terminal is reachable. However, the AP inside is sometimes not reachable, and we have to reboot this AP for it to become reachable again. What could be wrong?
I am assuming that AP #1 is forming two wireless associations: one to your wireless terminal, and a second to AP #2 (behaving as a client in bridge mode). AP #2 is experiencing some difficulty with reestablishing an association after loss of connectivity. This could be impacted by security settings on both APs, or roaming settings on AP #2.

I suggest consulting the Cisco Aironet Workgroup Bridge FAQ, and also Cisco's recommendations for configuring Workgroup Bridge roaming. For example, try disabling roaming on AP #2 so that it "sticks" to AP #1 instead of searching for a better AP when signal strength grows weak. You might also try temporarily disabling security on both APs just long enough to determine whether secure association establishment delays are the source of your problem.

This was last published in March 2008

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