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Win2K Pro installation over the network

I have two computers. One installed with a Win2K Pro and would like to install it into the other using "Installation over the network". I know step 1 is to install a network client in the target computer and boot the network client on the target computer so that I can connect to the distribution server. But where can I find a network client? Is there a freeware on the Internet that I can download?
Sincerely, Ping
Dear Ping:
On the Windows 2000 CD, you should find a directory named "Support/Tools;" it includes all kinds of tools including those related to remote and unattended installation. Check out KB Article Q142857 "How to create a network installation boot disk" to deal with the boot disk side (you can access TechNet online through http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet/; when searching on a KB article number, you MUST include the Q in your search string--it won't find the number by itself for some strange reason).

You'll also need to read up on Setup Manager, RIS, or do some other kind of unattended install to make this stuff work. Here again, you should find plenty of information and how-to's in TechNet. But I'd suggest digging around the Internet to look for additional step-by-step instructions on how to do this as well.

Finally, please be aware that it is illegal to install the same copy of Windows 2000 more than once; if you don't have a second installation key, you won't get past the point in installation where a unique key value must be supplied.

Good luck with your efforts.

This was last published in July 2002

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