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Will this qualify me for the experience portion of the CISSP certification?

I have a question about the CISSP certification. Here are my qualifications for the experience portion. Do you...

think this will qualify me?

Here is an overview of my experience and the CBK (common body of knowledge) area I believe it references:

1. Tier-3 Transport Design Custom Solutions Engineer 1/01-Present: Limited exposure to design issues for products such as for intrusion detection devices and firewalls. Much exposure to VPN design and public (internet) vs. private network security concerns. (Telecommunications and Network Security)

2. Exchange Administrator 9/99-12/00: Layered virus protection, at the desktop/laptop, server and SMTP gateway. Physical security of servers and system access. Network security issues to Exchange database. Remote security issues to Web mail server. (Access Control Systems and Methodology)

3. LAN Engineer 8/96-3/98 3/99-8/99: Dealt with physical security in the LAN rooms, with the handling of the user equipment, from assignment, to storage, to asset disposal. Also dealt with email, file, virus and network security issues and administration. (Access Control Systems and Methodology)(Security Management and Practices) (Operations Security)

Please let me know if you think this is sufficient.
It doesn't matter what I think; it only matters what the folks at ISC-squared think. Also, please be aware that they do give experience credit for college degrees from accredited institutions, and that they require four or more years of experience in one or more of the CBK domains (or three years and a degree) to qualify. Prima facie, you appear to meet those requirements based on what you present in your message, but you'll have to be able to get current or former managers to write letters that attest to this experience to prove it to ISC-squared. I've found them to be extremely responsive to phone calls or e-mails: you can reach them by phone at 1.888.333.4458 or by e-mail at [mailto:infoisc2@isc2.org].

My gut feeling is if you present them with the same information you just presented to me, they'll be able to give you a reading on the suitability of your experience. You'll still need to fill out the application and get the letters from managers to meet their requirements, however.

This was last published in November 2003

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