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Will MGCP supersede H323 as a standard for VoIP?

Some time ago, I read something about MGCP protocol indicating that it would supersede H.323 as the standard for the VoIP industry. Is that correct? What is better?
MGCP is a bit different than H.323. It was developed by Level 3 Communications and Telcordia. The Media Gateway Control Protocol came to light to allow a phone to provide the switching that used to be in the VoIP switch in a simpler manner (thereby less expensive).

In a traditional VoIP system, the phone switch determined what is an IP call and what goes over the PSTN. If you move all of that functionality into a phone, the expense of the phone obviously would increase. MGCP is supposed to alleviate some of this cost due to its simplicity in providing this functionality.

As for replacing H.323, I doubt that will happen anytime soon due to the number of H.323 units already out there. But then again, scales of economy can change things in a hurry!

This was last published in August 2003

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