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Will IPv6 stop network management complications presented in IPv4?

See how IPv6 helps solve network management issues in this response from IPv4 and IPv6 expert Silvia Hagen.

What are the network management complications we are meeting now? And what are the ways proposed in IPv6 that avoid the above? Could you please explain specifically, not in general?

One of the major issues in today's networks is the fact that we had to build so many NATs (Network Address Translation or Network Address Translator), due to the fact that IPv4 addresses became scarce. But NAT creates many problems because it doesn't allow for end-to-end connectivity. There are many issues to be dealt with in NAT environments, especially in the area of security, for instance with VoIP (Voice over IP). According to a study by the US department of Commerce published in 2006, the cost for working around NAT issues ranges up to 30% of total IT expenditures.

In an IPv6 world we can save all these cost because the address space allows us to build networks with no NAT. Other features that we like about NAT, such as the hiding of the network topology will be covered with other mechanisms.

This was last published in November 2007

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