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Will IPv6 make network management an easier job?

Will IPv6 make network management an easier job?
Yes, in the long term it will make network management easier. IPv6 has many features, especially autoconfiguration and based on that easier renumbering of networks. Also you have to be aware of the fact that management of IPv4 becomes more complex, as the demands on services and mobility grow constantly and they will be easier to fulfill with IPv6.

In the short term, management of IP networks means managing two protocols, IPv4 and IPv6. It is to expect, that both protocols will coexist for many years in our networks and in the Internet. Within a company you may try to move to an IPv6 only network as quick as possible, just in order to maintain only one protocol. Even in an IPv6 only environment there are mechanism which allow for the support of legacy IPv4 applications.

This was last published in May 2005

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