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Will FCoE architecture replace Fibre Channel?

There's been much hype over Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) architecture; expert Carrie Higbie doesn't think it will ever replace Fibre Channel.

Do you think the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocol will replace Fibre Channel any time soon?

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FCoE architecture will not replace Fibre Channel anytime soon, in my opinion. Fibre Channel over Ethernet shipped under 2 million ports in 2012, according to a study I recently read, while Fibre Channel shipped over 4.5 billion. Fibre Channel is familiar and works like a champ. It is a very low-overhead protocol, whereas with FCoE, you are forced to rely on a high-overhead Ethernet packet. Fibre Channel now ships 16 Gbps and the Ethernet counterpart, at least today, is stuck at 10.

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What's more, while they say Ethernet saves on the number of ports, cables, etc., the last time I checked, the power required for the converged adapter was higher than separate Fibre Channel and Ethernet ports. Cables typically carry a 90-day warranty as opposed to a 20-year warranty that you would get with a structured cabling system. Reducing the number of switches required (which is very easy with 10GBASE-T) also reduces the number of required uplink ports.

I'm not saying FCoE architecture will never be used, but that the hype is just that -- hype.

This was last published in July 2012

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