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Will CCNA certification be enough to get me into the networking field, even though I have no technic

Will CCNA certification be enough to get me into the networking field, even though I have no technical degree? Is there another certification I should get?
This is a very common question from many of the students who attend our classes at the Training Camp. I wish I could tell you that a CCNA will ensure success in today's labor market, but in all actuality, it is just a way to get your foot in the door. I would recommend using the CCNA as a spring board to one of the professional or specialized certifications. You need to ask yourself what aspects of Cisco entice you and get certified in those tracks. For example, if you want to work on Cisco routers and switches for enterprises, then you should pursue the CCNP certification. Since security is such a hot topic these days, the CCSP certification is a great career boost and perfect for those who want to work on Cisco security appliances such as Pix firewalls, VPN concentrators and IDSs. In addition, the VoIP specialization tracks are starting to become very popular with Cisco and are always a gold star on your resume. What these certifications have in common is that the more you have, the higher your resume sits on potential employers' resume piles. The other thing that they have in common is that they require the CCNA as a prerequisite, so you are well on your way!
This was last published in January 2005

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