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Will 25b army school help me get a job or CCNA certified?

Find out if 25b army school will prepare you for the CCNA exam or help you get a career.

I am about to go to 25b school for the army. Is that a good way to prepare myself for the Cisco certification? What other certification can I get to establish a good career?
The 25b school will initially prepare you for working and internetworking systems, but will not be enough to prepare you for the CCNA.

I would consider taking instructor-led training from an organization, like the one I work for, Training Camp, that holds a GSA contract for training services.

Once you have your CCNA, you continue on your career path of choice in Cisco technology (routing and switching, security, voice, design, etc.) to further your chances to get a good career.

This was last published in October 2008

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