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Why was IPv6 developed, and what issues does IPv4 have?

Learn what issues cannot be rectified using IPv4 and why IPv6 was developed, in this Ask the Expert.

What are the issues that cannot be rectified using IPv4 so far? What is the aim (objectives) of developing IPv6...

and IPv8 now?

Hi Sathy,

The driving reason to develop IPv6 was to address the issue with the address space of IPv4. It was already clear, in the early 90's, that this address space would run out at some point. The developers of IPv6 figured that they had enough time though, to not only increase the address space with the new protocol, but to optimize it for better performance in a large network as the Internet turned out to become. One issue of major concern was the growing routing tables of Internet core routers. So IPv6 has many features which make it a great successor protocol which is able to handle our demands for more scalable routing, more security and more mobility.


This was last published in September 2007

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