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Why must businesses custom design their network security solutions?

In this Ask the Expert response, Rainer Enders explains the importance of customized network security solutions.

Why is it important for businesses to custom design their network security solutions? Do you see customized security as an emerging trend?

Custom designing your network security solution is important, simply because every situation is different. Companies must identify their risk level and determine the appropriate approach and level of protection for them. Ultimately, the choice of products and solutions determines cost and operational complexity -- and the reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all security solution. Because no solution can offer 100% security, and many vendors only offer limited flexibility and adaptability, many customers just give up on customizing their security solutions and in doing so, forgo some significant benefits.

Software development has matured to the point that it is reasonable to automatically assume that security software will be as robust and secure as a hardware solution.Due to these technological advancements, businesses can now benefit from software security products; they can be deployed in more flexible ways, for example -- in the cloud -- and they eliminate the dependency of vendor hardware that will eventually become end-of-life after some time. (This tip explains how to decide between hardware and software VPNs for more information.)

At the same time, IT environments are becoming more diverse and more complex. With data and storage networks, office and cloud networks, and an increasingly diversified pool of access devices, customized security that relies on modularization and more software-centric architectures is an emerging trend that complements the traditional perimeter design model.

For more information, enterprises may want to consider using unified threat management (UTM) solutions to customize their network security.

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This was last published in March 2012

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