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Why isn't CCNA certification enough to get me hired?

Learn why CCNA certification won't guarantee you a job and what you can do to secure a position.

I have completed my CCNA certification and also have one paper in CCNP (BSCI 642-801 completed.) I don't have any work experience but I want to get good exposure in Cisco networking. My experience is in the field of project management in GSM telecom. I tried applying with my experience but I keep getting rejected by companies.

Kindly guide me through the steps I need to follow to get a good opening.

Unfortunately, you are in a sea of others who also meet those credentials so you have some competition. The best way to get ahead is to one up the competition by continuing your Cisco certification career and completing your CCNP.

Unfortunately, the 642-801 has been retired for some time now and you will probably need to start all over with your professional certification track. The good news is you can opt to take a different track if you like and maybe try the popular CCVP instead. Then you could find an organization that needs help implementing Cisco VoIP solutions.

This was last published in September 2008

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