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Why doesn't my Cisco AS5300 cut-off calls when the client's balance reaches zero?

I have a Cisco AS5300 configured for my telephony VoIP live traffic. I have AAA being done by the router. However, when a call is made, the AS5300 does not cut the calls when the credit balance reaches zero (i.e. when all monies in such accounts are exhausted). My billing people said their RADIUS server is working fine. What could the problem be?
From what you have told me, it sounds like a problem between the syncing of the files. Have you checked to see that there is a zero balance everywhere there should be? If so, did you check to make sure your rules are set to provide no connectivity for zero balances? You may also want to check with Cisco TACs to see if they have seen similar problems. They are usually on top of these issues, or maybe you have a new one. There may also be a patch for your software that resolves this issue. Let me know if these things don't work out.
This was last published in July 2004

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