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Why does my laptop keep logging off the wireless network?

I am running a wireless network (802.11b) on a laptop, using Windows XP. My server is a desktop, running ME, with a Linksys wireless router hardwired. Every five or so minutes, I loose my signal and have to refresh my connection. What gives?
Assuming there are no obstacles between you and your wireless access point, you shouldn't be having the problems you are describing. Simple troubleshooting session of your hardware (check the Access Point's antenna is screwed in tightly and all other physical connections are OK) will rule out the possibility of your hardware being in fault.

Next step would be to check your drivers – ensure you have the latest drivers for your wireless card and also see if there are any similar reported problems for the Access point you are using. I've seen many cases where a simple firmware upgrade has resolved problems like the ones you are reporting.

This was last published in October 2004

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