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Why does my event log show the client associate then disassociate, when I try to connect wirelessly?

What does it mean when your event log shows the client associate then dissassociate? Learn how to connect wirelessly with expert Stephen Kim's advice.

I have a router with four Ethernet connections and a wireless connection. The Ethernet works fine. The wireless network (default) is sensed by my laptop. When I press "connect" the WPA default key box appears, I click "OK" and the connection is made. After five seconds it disconnects and tries again four times. I view in the events log on the router that the link associates then disassociates the connection. What am I doing wrong? The router is an X7768r/X7768r+ made by XAVI tech.

I would venture to guess that the client never actually completes the association, even though the logs may indicate it does. Authentication and Association steps are intertwined to a certain degree, and the logs might not clearly differentiate one step from the other.

I'd recommend that you temporarily disable all encryption (i.e., WPA, WEP, etc.), and then attempt another association. If it works, then there might be some kind of mismatch between the encryption methods on the client and AP. However, if it still doesn't work, there might be some type of compatibility issue with legacy wireless NIC cards and/or drivers. If your client is a few years old, you might want to test something a little newer.

This was last published in April 2007

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