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Why does my Hotfoon VoIP application keep losing connectivity?

We are having a connectivity problem with our Hotfoon VoIP application. When we try to ping the site, it fails and the trace-route shows packet loss in one server. Eventually it works again, but the problem reoccurs once or twice a week. We are losing business! How can we fix this?
From what I've read at the Hotfoon website, it appears you're trying to operate a Hotfoon node which will allow people to call through a mobile phone or telephony adapter attached to your PC. For each call you are then paid by Hotfoon. It seems to me with this setup that you are concerned about the reliability of the broadband connection to ensure that inbound calls can come through your PC and mobile or telephony adapter. If the connectivity problem occurs at your broadband provider, you should ask them for help in isolating and resolving the problem. If they cannot improve the situation, you should look for another broadband provider. If you think the problem is with a server at Hotfoon going out of service and not being able to route the calls to your PC, contact them and explain the situation.
This was last published in February 2005

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